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Special Report: Drownings on the Rise

Griffiths, Tom, EdD; Griffiths, Rachel; Sempsrott, Justin, M Odds are, when you picture a drowning victim, you visualize a child or other inexperienced swimmer. But the remarkable fact is that drownings have decreased in all age groups except for one—those aged 45 to 84. That figure from the National Center of Health Statistics is startling, Read more about Special Report: Drownings on the Rise[…]

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Why Shower Before Swimming?

Why do you shower before entering a public swimming pool? Showering removes organics. Organics are such things as sweat, makeup, fecal matter, urine, deodorant, perfume, soap, shampoo etc. It also reduces chloramine smell. The chloramine like smell is created when chlorine is used up when getting rid of the organics. Showering before entering the pool Read more about Why Shower Before Swimming?[…]

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