Why Shower Before Swimming?

Why do you shower before entering a public swimming pool?

Shower before you swim!

Showering removes organics. Organics are such things as sweat, makeup, fecal matter, urine, deodorant, perfume, soap, shampoo etc.

It also reduces chloramine smell. The chloramine like smell is created when chlorine is used up when getting rid of the organics. Showering before entering the pool also helps to create a safer swimming environment by reducing the risk of waterborne diseases. It also helps to reduce the use of chemicals. By using less chlorine and muriatic acid in the water it reduces the chemical use which then makes the water safer for the swimmer and the air quality improves as well.

In an effort to improve the water and air quality please shower before entering a public swimming pool!

NAC 444.280  Bathers: Requirements; prohibitions. (NRS 439.200, 444.070)
     1.  All bathers at a public bathing or swimming facility shall take a cleansing shower using warm water and soap and shall thoroughly rinse off all soap suds before entering or reentering the pool enclosure.

A study done by the Water Quality and Health Council found that 93% of people would never reuse someone else’s bath water but also found that 44% of people feel it is not necessary to shower before going into the pool.

Remember the next time you are at the Carson Valley Swim Center to please shower before entering the pool!

Article written by: Robert Maxwell