Come check out our flick n float this
saturday january 21st, 2023

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Your local community pool. The Carson Valley Swim Center is for you.
The Swim Center was voted the “Best Place to Take Your Kids”

The Carson Valley Swim Center is an integral part of the Carson Valley community and offers recreation, training, and entertainment to thousands each year. Through various programs, the Swim Center is closely linked to the county’s school district, the senior community, and its public safety departments. We look forward to meeting you and having you be a part of our community.

  • The Swim Center offers several types of training and exercise programs throughout the year: Water Aerobics, Adult Learn-to-Swim classes, Junior Lifeguard Program, Swim Lessons and much more!

  • The Swim Center hosts school groups from all over. They also co-teach with Douglas High School P.E. aquatics classes. Local schools also use the facility as a safe and easy way to pick up their kids after school.

  • The Swim Center hosts four swim teams: The Douglas High School Swim and Dive Team, The Douglas Dolfins Swim Team, The Killer Whales Special Olympics Team, and US Masters Swimming.

  • Physical and occupational therapy offices such as the Great Basin Physical Therapy & Performance Center, Rehab Wave, and from the Carson Valley Medical Center and the Carson Tahoe Hospital treat patients in the Swim Center’s therapy pool.

Meet our staff

We have a great team and hope you have a chance to meet them the next time you visit the Carson Valley Swim Center!

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